Automatic sprinkler systems are a convenient tool to manage the investment you have made in your landscape.  They take the time-consuming piece of manual watering away and offer ease and control in helping keep your yard healthy.  However, even with an automatic system, many homeowners often over-water and even unknowingly waste water because of inefficient watering habits.  Learning the proper way to water is essential for the health of your lawn and conserving your community’s water supply.  The Sprinkler Medic has many options available to help you achieve this—your free consultation is a phone call away.


Simply put, the most efficient way to water is to apply just enough and to water only when necessary.  The results of learning the proper way to do this are a healthy landscape and reduced water consumption.  This in turn will reduce the amount of your water bill.  For example, a typical suburban residence will use about 30% of their total water for lawn and landscape irrigation.  The EPA estimates that more than 50% of that water is wasted either through over-watering runoff or evaporation.  A sensible solution to this problem might be to install drip irrigation for shrubs, plants, flowers, and gardens.  Drip systems use between 20% and 50% less water and are more efficient because they don’t lose water to runoff and evaporation.  Following that model, if your family uses 100,000 gallons of water per year you could be saving from 20,000 to 50,000 gallons of water that may have gone to waste.

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