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Water Conservation and Optimal System Use Tips:

  • Regularly inspect sprinkler heads.  Make sure they are unobstructed, that they point in the right direction, and are not leaking or watering the pavement or other structures.

  • Have your irrigation specialist inspect the system monthly.   A professional will inspect heads, look for even water distribution, check for pipe leaks, obstructions, and anything that might be causing your system to under perform.

  • Learn the most efficient times to water.  Generally this is when winds are calm and temperatures are cooler.  This will help prevent evaporation water loss.

  • Water only when needed.  Too much or too frequent watering can cause problems including fungus, weeds, and shallow grass roots.

  • Install a rain sensor.  This will automatically turn your system off during rainy weather and can be programmed easily into your clock.

  • Adjust your clock to fit the season.  Become familiar with programming your system and adjust your watering during wet or dry periods.

  • Schedule each zone individually.  Some zones may need more water than others; some less.   Avoid over or under watering by considering the location of each zone.

  • Install a drip system for shrubs, gardens, and flower beds.  There are many options available that can save you considerable amounts of water and money.

  • Consider a “smart controller.”  There are varieties of sensor-based clocks that can automatically adjust the watering schedule to the current climate.

  • Schedule a proper winterization for your system.  Many sprinkler, pipe, and water problems can be avoided by making the call to your irrigation professional once a year.

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